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Greetings, Earthlings…

(I have filed this one under the category ‘Creative and/or Inspiring Yodas’ even though Yoda wasn’t actually at Oz Comic-Con this year.)

At the start of the September school holidays Finn, Rory and I were very excited to attend Oz Comic-Con in Brisbane courtesy of Blue Planet PR. Thanks guys!

All three of us were Comic-Con noobs, though I’ve known about the original San Diego Comic-Con for years; I fell in love with every fan in San Diego in 2010 when they stood as one and delivered the Wrath of Khan to the intolerant arseholes of the Westboro Baptist Church who tried bringing their hate to geekdom’s biggest party. And they did it in the most hilariously perfect way!

This is funny for so many reasons...
Trekkie is holding it… I died. Just one of many photos of the glorious counter protest. Source: Comics Alliance.

Fandoms contain some awesome people; smart, incredibly creative, a bit feisty and with a great sense of humour about themselves. And they know how to party; I’m in!

I’d prepped the boys since birth I’d felt they were ready, starting with carefully chosen 80s Astroboy, Back to the Future, and early Harry Potter. We moved on to Star Wars when Rory was nearly three, and the boys started building  landspeeders out of Duplo and humming ‘The Imperial March’ whenever annoyed with something. We watched The Empire Strikes Back while hiding behind pillows on the couch; the boys burrowed into either side of me during the scary bits and when Vader cut off Luke’s hand there was immediate outrage.

“He can’t do that!

He can’t be Luke’s dad, he’s evil!

Mummy, he can’t freeze Luke in carbonite!”

They loved the third one as much as I still do, and Finn was super stoked that Mummy helped him be a Jedi for Halloween that year. I (grudgingly) also showed them the prequels, but thankfully they lost interest before Anakin went all Darthy and evil / limbs off / on fire. They both loved Darth Maul though, and Rory got a red light saber to duel Finn with. I remember once how he was explaining to my (less fangirly) sister Justine that he had Darth Maul’s light saber… she blinked, looked confused and said, “Huh? Daft mole?”

Sometimes I forget not everyone’s as geeky as I am, which is not even that much. I’m such a lightweight compared to some of the deadset legends we saw at Comic-Con!

I don't have to know the characters they're cosplaying to know that these guys KICK SO MUCH ARSE.
I don’t even have to know the characters they’re cosplaying to know that these guys KICK so much ARSE.
Did the padawan lose a bet?
I would always choose to be Obi Wan if I could only manage the beard. Or tolerate the mullet.
I'm impressed this guy managed to get through the weapons security at the door. I spose footlong blades are okay as long as they aren't *concealed* weapons.
How the hell did this guy manage to get through the weapons check at the door?! Mind you every second person here had either a battleaxe, hammer, nunchakus or really stabby high heels on.

There were SO many more mindblowing costumes but unfortunately I couldn’t chase after and photograph them all. I’d thought about dressing up, as a Jedi with two Padawan, but the boys didn’t want to – I can wait. They did relent to having a photo taken with members of the 501st Legion, albeit warily.

Mummy? ... There's something behind meee...
Mummy? … There’s something behind meee…
By the second photo he was clearly packing himself – it’s okay mate, moving on, moving on!

Next stop: the Berocca Boost Gaming Zone! (I worked out a deal with the boys; something Mummy wants to do, then something they want to do.) They headed straight for the Mario Kart 8 console.

At home they have old Mario with the steering wheel controllers; it took a few tries and a fair bit of frustration before they got the hang of the thumb controls.
At home they have old Mario with steering wheel controllers; it took a few tries before they got the hang of thumb controls. They possess great determination when it suits them!

Mummy’s turn! Photo shoot!

TARDIS at Oz Comic Con, Brisbane 2015
Would you like to go inside the TARDIS kids? No. Would you like to wear this COOL fez? No. Would you like to push buttons on this sonic screwdriver? … Okay.

Fair enough, I haven’t introduced them to any Doctor Who yet, classic or new. To them the TARDIS is just a big blue broom cupboard.

But this one they knew;

The actual time machine, and a real hover board! Sick!
The actual time machine, and a real hover board! Sick!

And this one;

Transformers! Optimus Prime was very generous with his time and stoic in the face of a four year old jumping around like an excited bunny and wrecking all the photos.
Mr. Optimus Prime photobombs even bigger than Mr. Benny Cumberbatch!

Boys’ turn! Laser Zone for free laser skirmish!

Getting ready to go into battle...
Gearing up for battle…

Laser tag at Oz Comic Con

Finn and Roars suited up with several other big kids including their heroes Mario and Luigi, and squared off against an enemy team including a zombie and a couple with cat ears. Finn has lasertagged twice in the past 3 months at birthday parties so proved himself a bit of a threat…

You go left I'll go right!
You go left I’ll go right!

… but it was Rory’s first time and he seemed a bit bewildered by all the running around and didn’t understand the key concepts of ‘aiming’, ‘firing’, and ‘taking cover’. He wandered around a bit, then stood by a barricade for a while. 

Might've shot Mario in the face.
Might’ve shot Mario in the face.

It’s him or you, Roars! Ice that punk!

Okay, Mum’s turn! Fun free photo booth for the Magic Duels card game! Grabbed some medieval slasher props and hammed it up.

The boys love swinging anything even vaguely weapon-like, especially if they get to swing it at Mum.
The boys love swinging anything even vaguely weapon-like, especially if they can swing it at Mum.

Boys’ turn!


Not your usual cafe patrons.
The usual chip shop, but not the usual chip shop clientele. (I love Wonder Baby on the left!)

Mum’s turn; …Hey kids, the state finals of the Australian Championships of Cosplay are just around the corner, look at all those cool costumes! Don’t you want to go and see some real live Jedi? And robots? And all those guys from Inside Out? You loved that movie!

(The children): No thanks.

(The parent): Come on, it’ll be awesome! Pleeeeaaassseee…?

Mummy we’re tired…


Ah, they did well. We had a great time! I think next year I might bring them to spend day 1 together, then come kidless on day 2 so I can geek out a bit more.

I chased up the cosplay competition the next day, and it was a whole bunch of awesome:

Images from the Oz Comic-Con Facebook page.
Brisbane images from the Oz Comic-Con Facebook page.

Brisbane Oz Comic-Con 2015 cosplay

Brisbane Oz Comic-Con cosplay 2015

Brisbane Oz Comic-Con 2015 cosplay

I also found our state grand finalist; Major Sam Cosplay of Brisbane, who created a vision of ‘La Carlotta’ from The Phantom of the Opera. As it turns out she went down to Sydney and won the whole damn thing! Fangirls and fanboys, may I present to you our inaugural Australian cosplay champion!

Image by Kym of Cosplay Australia. Many thanks to Major Sam for letting me borrow it. If you would like to see how she goes at the World Championships in Chicago next year follow her on Facebook; she's after suggestions for even bigger and better costume ideas!
Image by Kym of Cosplay Australia. Many thanks to Major Sam for letting me borrow it. Follow her on Facebook to witness her take over the world at the Chicago 2016 World Championships; she’s also after costume ideas, the more intricate and spectacular the better!

Wow. It belongs in a movie, doesn’t it? Well, all cosplayers are costume designers really. The home built stuff I mean, not the stuff I use from Spotlight. It’s just as much fun though, which I suppose is why it has ‘play’ in the name!

– Michelle

Update 23 March 2016:

HOLY SHIT Major Sam is the World Cosplay Champion!! She entered as Julietta Necromancer, a character by indie Japanese illustrator Sakizo, at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2) and today, up against mindblowing competition from all around the world, won the whole bloody thing.

22 Major Sam Cosplay C2E2 world champ march 2016
Instagram image by @humansofcomicconculture.

Well done Major Sam, what a legend!! This year’s Australian Championships of Cosplay kicks off again in Perth on the first weekend of April and she’s planning to defend her title, so follow her on Facebook and/or keep up with her on Instagram to see just what the hell she’s going to do next.

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