Watching the World Turn: Star Trails.

Exmouth. Stupid o’clock in the morning, Day 4. I realised shortly after I booked my flights that one of my main goals for this trip, to take a star-trail-silhouetted photo of Vlamingh Head Lighthouse, was going to be a bit harder than I thought: Problem 1: VHLH is nearly 20km from town. Solution: Easy. Hire a car….

The Shutterbug Bug.

J gave me a Nikon D40x, ie the geewhiz camera, for Christmas way back in 2007. It takes great photos, but for seven years I only used the automatic settings because I had no idea how to work the bloody thing. It was soo frustrating you guys. It was like having the most unreal 4WD-Batcar-even-sticks-to-walls-and-goes-underwater super car and keeping it in the driveway to use as a…