A Very Expensive Weekend. Yet Actually Not.

Have just taken stock for this past weekend…

Item A:

$120.00 for removal of fully grown deadly Eastern brown snake from near our front door on Saturday afternoon. This was a scant few hours before we were due to have some friends over, with a large kidlet contingent. Serpent wasn’t even found, but presumably took off into the bush after we opened up all the doors and windows and blasted Welcome To The North by The Music at about a million decibels over the grounds (my face was melted) and I stomped around with a large stick making hopefully terrifying reptile-repellent noises.

brown snake
One of these buggers.

Item B:

$267.00 for a trip to Accident & Emergency during party 4 1/2 hours later. Eldest son hit by a friend’s bike, fell down and smacked the side of his head on the asphalt. Hard. He couldn’t remember what happened, and that coupled with the fact he had an egg the size of an actual egg protruding from the side of his head decided me to get him checked out. Which included

He didn’t move a muscle and earned a record SIX brave tiger stickers. He looks quite chuffed here.

Yes that’s a CAT scanner, and that was another $495.80. The 80c was probably for the tiger stickers.

Item C:

High quality wine decanter (a wedding present) worth about $200.00 toppled out of the dish rack and smashed into a zillion pieces on the floorboards about half an hour ago. Floorboards now sport a couple of 5cm-long gashes in impact zone.

One like this, but no doubt MUCH more expensive due to the astronomically high regard we are held in by all of our good friends.
One like this, but no doubt MUCH more expensive due to the astronomically high regard we are held in by all of our good friends.

Total monetary value of shit luck and accidents this weekend = $1082.80.

Shit a brick!!

But having reached Sunday night with no one having suffered a venomous snakebite, Finn back to about 75% of his usual self and safely home with us, and no other small family members’ heads sporting 5cm gashes due to glass shards from falling decanters = priceless.

Very thankful for small blessings this weekend.

– Michelle

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  1. ekgo says:

    That’s a poisonous snake? But it looks so sweet and friendly, not at all mean and killery.

    Oh, good grief, you had to go in to have your kiddo CT-scanned? Expensive! I thought kid were supposed to wear helmets while RIDING bikes but now I see it’s when getting HIT by bikes that the helmet is necessary! If it makes you feel any better, $500 of your dollars is still a lot cheaper than a CT scan over here, so…there’s that. It’s like you got a bargain! And stickers! So yay?

    And I am so sorry to hear about your fancy wedding present decanter. That is a sad story. I can only hope it was to make way for some other wine item that is just as fabulous and a lot less gashy.

    I am glad to hear everyone but the decanter survived the weekend…even the cute-but-deadly snake. Now maybe…start wrapping everything and everyone in bubble wrap?


  2. Michelle says:

    I should’ve known you’d say a deadly snake looks sweet and friendly! Aren’t you the one who thinks enormous hairy spiders are cute and fluffy and adorable like enormous 8 legged kittens? Gah! Snakes don’t bother me the same way; if they’re harmless I’ll cuddle them, but I will get offended if they throw fangs and poison at me.
    And CT scans cost even more up your way? Holy crap. I think I’d make the kids wear a helmet every minute of every day. The decanter I think just had enough- it dived out of the dishrack and teetered away to the opposite side of the island bench where I couldn’t grab it without impaling myself on the tap. It’s gone to a happier place – full of Scotch.


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