Fashion Police Cadet

An exchange with Roars yesterday morning;

“Mummy why you still in ‘jamas?”

“These aren’t pyjamas! It’s a dress!”

*blank stare* “…dress?”

So either I need to wear dresses more often so my 3 year old knows they aren’t pyjamas, or I need to buy dresses that cannot be mistaken for sleepwear.

Here’s the nightie:

My nicest one, as a matter of fact. But it still won't cut it as a dress - I won't be trying to pull a Rachel from Friends fashion stunt with it.
My nicest one, as a matter of fact. But it still won’t cut it as a dress – I won’t be trying to pull a Rachel from Friends fashion stunt with it.

And here’s the dress:

Just cos it's also got flowers on it...!
Just cos it’s also got flowers on it…!

I shouldn’t be surprised at his inability to discern differences in female clothing, after all he is a man in training.

Have your kids ever made you second guess your fashion choices? What’s the best worst compliment you remember getting? Eg  “I love your dress” when you’re wearing tracky pants or “Mummy your big bum must be nice to sit on.”

I’m just trying to keep in mind they’re the ones who like wearing Batman costumes as day clothes and try to wear shorts with both legs through one hole.

– Michelle

5 Comments Add yours

    1. Michelle says:

      Roars does come out with some corkers! 🙂


  1. ekgo says:

    Maybe if YOU wore Batman outfits during the day (I dont mean the catwoman one, though I imagine it would be fun to wear when it’s not hot out), you wouldn’t have had this conversation.


    1. Michelle says:

      YES! He wouldn’t question my fashion choices then, would he? I think it would end badly as I’d forget about the cape, and I remember reading Adam West saying once you had to be careful going to the toilet so you didn’t flush the cape and choke yourself. Knowing me, I would totally do that.


      1. ekgo says:

        Well, and you’ve seen “The Incredibles,” right? That movie is a treasure trove when it comes to superhero fashion.


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