Holy Undies on the Outside Batman, A Geeky Giveaway!

***Update 6 October 2015: Yes the comp is closed, Oz Comic-Con was uh-may-zing (here’s my post), but hey… don’t leave! I would still love to hear about your awesome fandom in the comment section!***


Yes it is – my first ever giveaway, and I am SUPER excited! (See what I did there?)

If you're someone who isn't even the slightest bit geeky you probably won't understand a lot of this post. That's okay, nobody's perfect.
(If you’re someone who’s not even the slightest bit geeky you probably won’t ‘get’ a fair bit of this post.
That’s okay, nobody’s perfect.)

It’s not wine, or a book, or even a thermomix – sorry! You came to the wrong blog. But you could win yourself a family pass, (2 adults + 2 kids up to age 16 and worth $160.00 each) for Brisbane 2015 Oz Comic-Con in September! It’s being held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre on September 19-20, conveniently during the school holidays. Woohoo! It’s only the second time Comic-Con has come to Brisi, but due to popular demand it looks like being an annual event from now on, so come on, have a crack!

They’ve announced some of the guests already – and top of the bill is none other than MacGyver! I mean, Captain Jack O’Neill! I mean, Richard Dean Anderson! (As I’ve mentioned previously, he holds a special place in my immortal teenage heart). I have MacGyver on disc, but not Stargate, because Mum has them all and she’s already said I can have them when she kicks the bucket.

I’m sooo stoked; this will be a first for me as well as the boys, though I have long admired the Comic-Con tradition; a wondrous place where citizens of all fandoms come together to GEEK OUT among kindred… spirits.

supernatural fandom

Meanwhile, the “normals” are reading this going

i dont understand that reference


It can’t be a luck-of-the-draw type comp as I’m not licenced (I’m not a casino) so it’s going to be a game of skill, creativity and cunning. What you need to do is tell me, with a resplendent photo and/or a brilliantly crafted 50 words or less, what is the geekiest thing you’ve ever done? Whatever it was, I bet it was on a larger scale than mine, which was wearing a Batman t-shirt. Mind you, it was in an all-girl boarding house. In a surfing town. In 1991. And even that low level geeky rebellion gave me grief. The other girls were like

Jaffa! Kree!

i dont understand that reference

Okay… just had a thought… you might not be at all geeky but want to win tickets for your awesomely geeky offspring/nieces/nephews and be the coolest auntie/uncle / grandparent EVER, and that’s fair enough. So you can enter on their behalf if you like. Kids are fantastically unselfconscious about what they love, and I LOVE that these days sci-fi and fantasy fandoms are so mainstream and inclusive. I’m a fan of several myself, and am apparently therefore a Trekkie, Tremorite, Browncoat, Whedonite, Smeghead, Gatehead, Woodie, Foreverist, Bookwalker and Superwholockian. Among others. Back in the day we were all just nerds.

Image by fluzeandoando.blogspot.com

Image by fluzeandoando.blogspot.com; Teal’c wearing a Sulu t shirt and standing next to a dalek – omg the possibilities!

Anyway, so if you want to enter, just follow this link to my Facebook page where the post will be public. (I haven’t tried this before so if it doesn’t work just leave a comment on this post). Add your pic/short paragraph by 5pm on Tuesday the 15th of September and I’ll announce the winners on Wednesday, and winners’ tickets will be available at a top secret location (at the venue) on the Saturday! And remember… there can be only one.

Well actually I have TWO passes to give away, so… there can be only two!

We shall enjoy total pop culture immersion, celebrity guests, comic artists, interactive exhibits such as the Berocca Boost Gaming Zone and the Family Activity Room, plus there’s the Queensland final of the Australian Championships of Cosplay to ‘marvel’ at (heehee) and cosplay parades for kids of all ages.

Image from Oz Comic-Con website. There's gonna be a parade and everything!
Image from Oz Comic-Con website; I LOVE IT – fans from multiple dimensions! … I wonder if they all tried fitting in the TARDIS.

So, drop me a line either here or on my Facebook; good luck! Not that luck has anything to do with it – er – may the force be with you?

– Michelle

Avengers Assemble! ... er, Hawkeye?
Avengers Assemble! … er, Hawkeye?

17 Comments Add yours

  1. Mel Kettle says:

    awesome comp!!


    1. Michelle says:

      I know! My first ever, and probably biggest ever, all in one go! Haven’t had many entrants thus far, so their odds are bloody good at the moment!


      1. Michelle says:

        I just remembered something much geekier that I did back in 1988… I wrote to the BBC asking for Tom Baker’s autograph. I didn’t get it, but I did get a Doctor Who 25th anniversary poster. It went on the wall despite the fact it was quite unimpressive… something like the open door of the TARDIS with a few pisspoor balloons floating out. AS IF The Doctor ever partied! Well, at least he didn’t back then. Things were considerably livelier when the show turned 50 a couple of years back. SURE they had globally simulcast TV events… international stars… piles of merchandise… massive special effects budgets…

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Sonia says:

    Is it geeky enough that I know what a smeghead is? Or that Miss 5 has a photo as a doll in a fake box with real stormtroopers? Or that both her & Miss 9 could identify ALL the chars on both a DC Comics & a Marvel mega book?


    1. Michelle says:

      Hi, smeghead! 😉 I am also impressed at the geek cred of your girls … I’m a Marvel girl myself but like DC too. Who are their faves? I’m having trouble picturing this photo of Miss 5 though… she was dressed as a doll? With people dressed as stormtroopers? Was she a mini Princess Leia? That so cool!


  3. Michelle says:

    Oh I get it – a photo set up to look like you’re inside toy packaging! What a brilliant idea!! 🙂


    1. moseynmidgie says:

      Wow that boxed little girl looks great


      1. Michelle says:

        Yeah, I wanna do that too! I’d be a Jedi though… with a silver light sabre.


  4. M.I.L.K. says:

    Oh man, I wish so much I could play


    1. Michelle says:

      Do you have any family or friends living in Brisi or the Gold Coast you could play for? Or even if you don’t enter I still want to hear about your geek cred!!


  5. M.I.L.K. says:

    I’m at a super hero kids party right now and I’m the only parent dressed up

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Michelle says:

      That is AWESOME… you are totally the only cool parent there. Who/what are you dressed as?


      1. M.I.L.K. says:

        I’m not much of a fangirl – I just love to dress up! I tend to make up my own characters – so we’ll call this one Villain #3. I figure at a kid’s superhero party, the adults should be the bad guys.

        Liked by 1 person

  6. I’m a geek to the core but last year’s Oz Comic-Con would count as the geekiest thing I’ve done (and I loved it!) I got to meet Jason Momoa who played Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones, got photos with Storm Troopers and a whole bunch of superheroes!

    Pics: http://i60.tinypic.com/2a65utk.jpg


    1. Michelle says:

      Jason Momoa is awesome! I can’t believe George killed Drogo off with a tiny infected booboo. I really really liked him in Stargate too – Atlantis I think it was? And he’s going to be Aquaman in the new Supes/Batty movie. Aw man I wish he was coming this year…


      1. I know, I loved Drogo so much! One season definitely wasn’t enough 😦 I’ll have to check out Stargate now that it’s on Netflix! He looks amazing as Aquaman! Definitely can’t wait until that’s released 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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