Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

We interrupt our irregularly scheduled blogging to bring you this breaking news… from yesterday. When I saw this thing on the news last night I realised ok it IS a thing. Because if the news outlets consider the colour of a dress worthy of reporting on, who am I to disagree?

What am I talking about?…  #dressgate.

Whether you thought it was white and gold (me) or blue and black (the minority, apparently), other colours, didn’t give a shit, or still don’t know what I’m talking about, this dress got a lot of people fired up. And all because of a photo with absolutely APPALLING white balance.

This bloody thing.

This thing. The shot on left is the one that went viral. Shot on the right is how it would’ve looked with the correct white balance.

I think the whole shemozzle illustrated several things about people in general:


  • People love to argue about stupid pointless shit. Who cares what colour the dress is, there’s more important things to argue about. Like politics and religion.
  • If people are absolutely, positively sure that they are right, they can get a bit superior and snarky to those who disagree with them. Like with politics and religion. The dress was insulted and its validity questioned.

dressgate fucking hideous

  • People might cast aspersions on those with differing opinions… well if you think that then you must have underlying mental issues.

emotional state dressgate

  • Regardless of the colour, and regardless of our ideas about it, the dress … just IS. Then an inferior facsimile was made to spread the word of the dress to the masses. But add a seemingly innocuous variable such as shitty lighting and suddenly people see something rather different. The dress is now open to interpretation, and thus causes conflict.
  • At first you see the dress one way, and you can’t understand why another person sees it a different way; it’s SO OBVIOUS! Why can’t you understand it from my point of view??!?! Some people mightn’t be able to see it any other way. But others have a revelation and suddenly – they can see it! Hallelujah!!
  • Some people don’t care about the colour, they’ve decided they don’t believe in the dress. At all. And they don’t want to hear about it either, but they still have people ramming their opinions about the dress down their throat.

dressgate dr seuss

  • We were told to choose whether the dress is EITHER white and gold OR blue and black. But some thought it could be light blue and orange, lilac and brown… Wouldn’t it be great if we could just see this bloody dress with our own eyes, in person? That’d prove things once and for all, wouldn’t it?
  • Science eggheads with no emotional attachment to the dress will try to explain it in a reasonable, rational way. People will ignore their findings and continue to yell at each other.
  • Lots of people will get a kick out of poking fun at the dress and its followers.

dressgate Jesus

weird shit cat dressgatesay black n blue one more time dressgateblue and black Jordans dressgatewho the f cares fox logothe dress is grey dressgatedressgate the matrix

dressgate Marvel

just came for comments

  • And finally, hopefully, at some point everyone will realize, “just what the hell were we fighting about this for?” and feel a little bit silly.

Morgan Freeman - aliens

– Michelle

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Bahaha!!! I honestly had no idea this was going on until a friend called me yesterday. She was in quite a tizzy over it. I DO NOT get it! Clearly it was just a poorly photographed dress. You are right, there are more important things out there. It is so strange what catches on…you just never know!


    1. Michelle says:

      I only know about it peripherally as well; still, it blows my mind that it blew people’s minds. Imeancomeonit’sadress!!
      Thanks for reading! And commenting! 🙂


  2. Robyna says:

    I just love all the memes you found! I am still scratching my head over it.


    1. Michelle says:

      Aren’t they great? There were more; these were my favourites. I found them on The Ellen Show’s FB page in the comments section. I have no idea who made them and don’t know how to credit FB people via links so… I didn’t. *shrugs and looks shifty*


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