All Melons Must Die.

**ANOTHER WARNING*** If you thought the bunny in my previous post was bad, you might not wanna stick around until the end of this post. You have been warned!

The morning after All Hallow’s Eve I pulled down the cobwebs from the front door, rolled up the crime scene tape and packed away the treat buckets for another year. I did squeeze one last bit of fun out of our jack o’lantern however…

The WaterViper - meme

SPLODED HEAD watermelon

Goodnight, sweet prince. (Very sweet. And juicy.)

I love how my shot looks almost exactly the same as Oberyn in the Game of Thrones episode… the sections of fractured skull, the broken face, soft spongy red goo, the juices dribbling away from the ‘sploded noggin…


It's simply uncanny!
… it’s simply uncanny!

I made it a small one just in case no one wanted to throw up today.

You’re welcome.

– Michelle



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